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The AUBG Executive MBA (EMBA) is a 16-month program leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the American University in Bulgaria. The EMBA is recognized for its practical curriculum that provides up-to-date skills for high performance in the complex global business environment. The weekend courses schedule enables participants to continue their business careers and everyday responsibilities without interruption.

The AUBG Executive MBA program is designed for professionals and individuals who seek additional skills to help them move up within their organizations or set up their own enterprise. During the program, students build strong relationships with outstanding faculty from North America and Europe, as well as with their counterparts from businesses in the region and beyond. Each class includes experienced managers and entrepreneurs from the region who have demonstrated unusual talent.

Participants study the full range of materials contained in a top-ranked US MBA program. They gain knowledge of the core functional areas of business, as well as perspective on how to solve problems and manage complex relationships. Moreover, because they interact with an international group of colleagues, Executive MBA students are exposed to a wealth of inspired ideas and innovative approaches to each topic studied.


• American curriculum aligned with leading US business schools and present in Bulgaria since 2003;

• U.S. and Bulgarian Accreditation resulting in world recognized diploma;

• Outstanding international faculty members and leading practitioners with global know-how and local awareness;

• Innovative curriculum balancing important concepts to real-world best practices;

• Interactive and engaging learning environment with focus on professional skill development;

• Strong networking opportunities and alumni community;

• Own facilities and space with supporting services exclusively available to students and alumni (Elieff Center for Education and Culture, Sofia).


The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)  is recognized for its high-quality standards of education. The university is in the unique position of being accredited both in the United States (by the New England Commission of Higher Education, formerly the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.) and in Bulgaria (by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation).

In 2004, the University’s U.S. accreditation was extended to include the Executive MBA program. The program was reviewed and accredited as part of the Bulgarian program accreditation in this field by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.


Because the AUBG EMBA program is selective, admission is competitive. Each application is carefully read by the Admissions Committee and evaluated on the basis of its merits as a whole. Current students represent a broad range of functional backgrounds, areas of expertise, and levels of management positions. What they have in common is the desire to learn, seek new opportunities, and accept a challenge.

Applicants should have a minimum of two years of professional experience, strong academic credentials, and evidence of leadership in professional and personal lives.

 Undergraduate Degree

All students are required to have obtained a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education. Students with undergraduate studies in business and related fields, as well as those with undergraduate studies in other fields, are encouraged to apply.

English Language Proficiency and Tests

Minimum requirements for proficiency in English apply to all University applicants. Applicants who are not native speakers of English may fulfill this requirement by achieving a satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELT Satisfactory scores on English language proficiency tests:

Paper based TOEFL - 550

iBT – Internet based TOEFL - 80

IELTS - 6.5

ESOL - University of Cambridge Examinations

CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) - B

CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) – C or University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

The AUBG EMBA Admissions Committee may waive the requirement for English language proficiency tests for:

  • Native speakers of English language;
  • Non-native speakers of English language who have completed a full-time Bachelor’s degree program in an accredited university with instruction in English within 5 years of the date of application to the AUBG EMBA program.

 Personal Qualifications

All candidates need to provide evidence of motivation and the potential for organizational leadership. Pursuing the Executive MBA is a demanding experience. We look for evidence that participants will be reflective, mature and realistic, as well as highly motivated. Because of the program’s particular emphasis on working in groups with colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds, we seek candidates who will be active participants in the team work and contribute to the collaborative learning spirit of the Executive MBA program.

Professional Interview

Upon acceptance of the application package, the Admissions Committee of the EMBA Program will schedule a professional interview with the candidate. During this interview, the candidates will be asked about their work experience, their expectations for the EMBA Program to contribute to their careers and the qualities and skills they will bring to the EMBA cohort.

 Admissions Committee

A committee including EMBA faculty members and representatives of the EMBA administration will serve as the core of the Admissions Committee.


Ailita Liteva (EMBA’11): With AUBG’s EMBA Program You Join an Elite Society of Leadership and Innovation

Ailita Liteva (EMBA’11): With AUBG’s EMBA Program You Join an Elite Society of Leadership and Innovation

Ailita Liteva graduated the Executive MBA program of the American
University in Bulgaria in 2011. Currently she works as Head of Marketing at a leading information and communication technologies company in Bulgaria. Her previous professional experience includes working as Head of Sales and Marketing at Auto Bavaria Ltd and Marketing Manager at Toyota Bulgaria. Ailita holds a BA in International Finance and Trade from the University of Portsmouth.

Why did you decide to enroll in the Executive MBA of the American
University in Bulgaria?

Following a thorough research and analysis of different opportunities, I chose AUBG's Executive MBA Program because the course schedule does not interfere with one‘s daily duties and work. I wanted to become part of a new community, a community that values ingenuity, avant-garde ideas, advanced thinking, and also—and this is very important— the thirst for innovation. 

What was the most valuable lesson you learned while studying at the EMBA program?

What was most valuable to me was meeting talented and inspiring managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. We helped each other grow and learn and at the same time we were learning from the best! By sharing ideas and building upon previous experience, we polished our knowledge, skills, analytical methods and level of responsibility.

What is your overall impression of the program?

The aim of the EMBA Program is to support managers on their way to further develop their careers. The program uses modern management practices and offers students the opportunity to work on real-life case studies. This allows participants to acquire a wider perspective on business and the tools to develop a strategy for their further professional development. The various program modules give you the unique opportunity to become part of an elite society of leadership and innovation where you improve your leadership skills while at the same time creating friendships for life. The teamwork required in classes is extremely satisfying but also challenging. You get to communicate with smart and interesting people with different points of view and you have to navigate through the diversity of personalities and ideas in order to reach a common solution and achieve the best end result possible.

I met incredible people: both students and professors. Today we are good friends, we have fun, we celebrate our birthdays together, and we give each other advice on the challenges we face in our daily lives.

Do you think that an EMBA diploma could affect one’s career?

I would only say one thing: If you want to learn the difference between proactively looking for sustainable business solutions and simply “fighting fires”, then sign up for the EMBA program at AUBG. It will help you enrich your knowledge and improve.

WHY Executive MBA AT AUBG?

WHY Executive MBA AT AUBG?

  • U.S. and Bulgarian Accreditation
  • Innovative curriculum focused on new concepts and best practices.
  • Interactive and engaged learning based on case approach.
  • Outstanding international faculty members and leading practitioners with global know-how and local awareness.
  • Cultural diversity and professional experiences of fellow participants.
  • Weekend classes designed for busy professionals.
  • A business trip enabling EMBA students to learn from real-world business situations and practices at leading European companies.
  • Excellent employment prospects and high incomes for graduates.
  • Strong alumni networking.



  • In-depth knowledge of the core functional areas of business.
  • Ability to analyze complex situations and solve problems.
  • Confidence to lead a team and manage complex relationships.
  • Exposure to the overall business environment.


This is a 16-month program and includes four courses per semester. Each cohort starts in January and graduates in May the next calendar year.


AUBG's Executive MBA, the first executive MBA program in Bulgaria established in 2003, is highly selective and has successfully educated the business leaders of the country for more than a decade. It is recognized worldwide for its practical curriculum that provides up-to-date skills for high performance in a complex global business environment.


Professionals and individuals who seek additional skills to help them move up within their organizations or set up their own enterprise, willing to become part of the new executive leaders society.

Applicants should have three to five years of professional experience, strong academic credentials, evidence of leadership in their professional and personal lives.