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5 Reasons to Do Your Erasmus in Bulgaria

Special credits to Alma Mater

Amazing opportunity, unforgettable moments, lifetime experience - maybe these are part of the things you will hear from someone who already has done an Erasmus exchange. And this is true – you will enjoy it. However, we suggest you do it in Bulgaria. Why? Let’s find out.

1. You get to travel, live and discover a new place

We are sure that the first thing you will search for before participating in the program, is where is Bulgaria. Shortly, Bulgaria is situated in the middle of the Balkans and from here you can easily travel to any place in the region and Europe as well. Our country is in the EU, so it will be very easy for you to make it to different places. Bulgaria has also its own beauty you will admire. In addition, our transport tickets to travel from town to town are not so expensive, especially the train ones. Moreover, you will enjoy the nature, meet some different people /because Bulgarians are very communicative/, and we bet, that you will feel as you are home. So, pack your luggage, get a map and come to study here.

2. Learn a new language and study in a familiar one

This won't be an easy task, we assure you, but it will be interesting for you, as the Bulgarian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet which is not so popular. While doing your Erasmus, you will have Bulgarian language courses, in order for you to can speak the basic level and feel comfortable when going to the supermarket, or asking a question.

You can enroll for courses mostly in English, French, and German. Sofia University, for example, offers even studies in Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, and Portuguese. The fields of study vary also – Business Administration, Economics, Cultural Studies, Biology, Physics, Law, Journalism, etc. The Erasmus offices in the country have teams of professionals ready to help whenever students need it. Moreover, the Еrasmus student network in Bulgaria has a buddy system, so someone could pick you from the airport and get you to your new home. You can also attend a lot of international meetings and opportunities to make you feel comfortable.

3. You get financial support during your Erasmus

As an Erasmus, you will receive a study grant, and the amount usually depends on your home country and the country of destination, based on average estimates regarding living costs in the specific country. This grant probably won’t cover all your expenses, but it is a great help that will make your Erasmus period quite an affordable study experience. Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in the EU, so this won't be a concern for your time here.

4. Try a different cuisine

Bulgarian food is one of a kind if you ask us! We adore our food and we love to eat, so if you have a Bulgarian friend, and they invite you to a home-cooked dinner - don't hesitate and go! We love to make a table full of traditional food because we are proud of it, and it is part of our culture - to gather together around a delicious meal. If you are lucky, you will try Banitsa, Lutenitsa, Kiselo mlyako /like yogurt/ and you will ask for more.

5. Unique cultural experience

First, you should explore a little bit of our culture. Just one example – if you ask someone Yes-or-No question and he shakes his head from left to right – that means Yes. Nodding is for No. However, if he knows that he speaks with a foreigner, he might think to do it in a popular way, but after all, you will have to get used to our non-verbal communication.

Second, if you decide to travel inside the country, you should see Bulgaria’s Kukeri Festival after New Year; tossing of a wooden cross into a river or lake by the local priest, with all the local men then jumping into the cold water in an attempt to be the first to retrieve the cross on Ivanovden; paint eggs on Easter; try walking on fire /our just watch how Bulgarians do it in June, etc. Sounds interesting? This is just part of the amazing things you can see and experience in Bulgaria.

Special credits to Patrick Doodt

So, what do you think? Should you choose Bulgaria?




Source: euscoop

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Special credits to Erasmus Student Network AISBL
Special credits to Erasmus Student Network AISBL