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The University of Sheffield Executive MBA in Sofia

The University of Sheffield Executive MBA in SofiaWelcome to the University of Sheffield Executive MBA offered by the University’s International Faculty CITY College. The Executive MBA is an innovative, truly international programme designed for today’s managers and business professionals who need to improve their skills and knowledge for professional, career and personal development. The Executive MBA is delivered in various countries across South East and Eastern Europe, as well as the Caucasus region.

Educating Business Leaders

Challenge yourself and unlock your potential with the University of Sheffield Executive MBA. Executives join the programme in Sofia, yet are exposed to a truly international MBA experience (eg. students and lecturers from more than 15 countries, study weeks in Sheffield, UK and Thessaloniki, Greece), and benefit from invaluable networking opportunities. Our programme leverages local and international perspectives while at the same time balances theory and practice taking a holistic approach to business management education.  The Executive MBA curriculum emphasises experiential learning through real-life projects, workshops and career coaching, broadening students’ applied knowledge and skills and building strategic leadership skills.

Our Executive MBA is accredited and recognised by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the AACSB and the CMI.

A holistic approach to business management education

The Executive MBA programme’s holistic approach to education provides a broad understanding of business and management concepts with a strong focus on business strategy formulation and execution. More specifically the above goal is achieved a) through the course structure and content that includes 14 modules and a dissertation or business project and b) through a skills development programme that is designed exclusively to meet the needs of today’s manager acting in a globalised environment, thus providing students with the necessary soft skills as well as valuable international networking opportunities. The programme includes the following:

Personal and Professional Development

The MBA programme of the University of Sheffield focuses particularly on developing the leadership skills as well as the people management skills of the students. This is achieved through:

  • The Leadership Project which includes a) a number of units included in the first and second year of the programme that cover the necessary concepts and cutting edge knowledge on Leadership and People management so providing students with opportunities to apply these concepts and tools on their job. Students will explore the topics of motivation, team building for managerial success, performance management, interpersonal and communication skills, etc; b) participation in an International Workshop on Leadership and HRM Issues in the 2nd year of studies.
  • Coaching for Personal and Career Development. Each Executive MBA student will have a personal coach with whom he or she will have a number of personal meetings to assess their current personality type (includes taking the relevant test - instruments); set type development goals to be achieved by the student; and reflect on goals achieved. A clear understanding of the basics of personality type and type development will help managers gain greater understanding of themselves and others alike, and the impact their type has on their daily interactions both in work-related and personal issues.
  • Negotiations Skills. All EMBA students will participate in a Negotiations Skills seminar during their study week in the UK at the end of the first year. The seminar is delivered by a world-class management training organization.
  • Business Communication Skills. Seminars on business communication (written and oral), on making effective presentations and on speaking to the media are among activities aimed at increasing communication effectiveness.

Applied Knowledge with a Global Perspective

The Executive MBA programme balances between theory and practice and involves the study of real-world situations and cases in order to allow students to enhance their analytical and decision-making skills. Among other activities and tools used during the programme are:

  • Meet the CEO. Top executives from leading companies meet with MBA students during MBA weekends or during the year to discuss developments in particular industries, markets, and economies. These meetings help students comprehend the complex problems of globalised markets and economies.
  • Consultancy Projects. As part of a particular module of the programme, a CEO or Top Director of a company presents to the students his/her company and a current, complex problem that the company is facing. Students work in groups as consultants during the 3-day weekend and, after analyzing the company and its problem, they propose and present the solution to the company. Students also work on similar projects as part of the coursework of other units, such as Information Management, etc. 
  • Workshops, Group Projects, and Practical Applications. Students work in groups in a number of units; for example, they create a business plan for a start-up company that they all decide to develop. Also, students work in groups to test ideas for new start-ups in the developing areas of social entrepreneurship etc. Some modules are delivered as regular workshops so that students can apply all the tools learned in the unit and take this knowledge and experience back to work on Monday morning.
  • Company Visits - Factory Tours. As part of particular units, a number of company and factory tours are organized for the students. For example, during the Sheffield study week, students visit factories (e.g. JAGUAR or Rolls Royce plants), hospitals, clinics etc.

International Exposure and Experience

The Executive MBA programme of the University of Sheffield offered by its International Faculty in South East and East Europe is a truly international MBA programme and unique in its kind. This is achieved through:

  • International Study Weeks: Two (2) study weeks, one at Sheffield in the UK in the first year and one in Thessaloniki in the second year, are attended by all students and provide a rich educational experience.
  • The team of international lecturers teaching in the MBA programme. More than 50 lecturers coming from more than 10 countries and universities bring in their wealth of academic specialization as well as their consultancy and managerial experience.
  • International Student Body. Our latest cohorts consist of students from more than 20 nationalities and cover the whole region of South East, East Europe and the Middle East.
  • Opportunity and Flexibility to Attend Classes in a Different Country. Students of the MBA programme can attend classes in any of the other 4 cities, other than the one they have been registered in, thus contributing to increased learning experience and benefiting from the value of meeting other executives.

Business Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are of real value to the students of the MBA programme. The University provides students with a number of networking opportunities, such as:

  • Networking events: meeting of the current students with the alumni during free seminars or presentations
  • Alumni roundtables: Country Alumni Chapter Roundtables
  • Social events and gatherings at local, country or international level
  • the 2 international study weeks and the opportunity to attend units in any of the other cities/countries


An AMBA-accredited MBA programme

The Executive MBA programme run by the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the most prestigious international accreditation body in evaluating MBA programmes. AMBA accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education.

"The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College has excellent links with employing organisations throughout the region of South Eastern Europe which enhances the programme. The faculty is committed to research, consultancy and quality provision. The rigorous admissions process results in elitist students representing a top management cadre."

Dr Robert Owen
Director of Accreditation and Business School Services at AMBA


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

The Executive MBA at the International Faculty is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB accreditation is awarded to an institution for its business or accounting programmes. Achieving accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a process of rigorous internal review, evaluation and adjustment and can take several years to complete. During these years, the school develops and implements a plan to meet the AACSB Accreditation Standards which require a high quality teaching environment, commitment to continuous improvement, and curricula responsive to the needs of businesses. In addition, as required by the AACSB standards, all accredited programmes must go through a peer review process every five years in order to maintain their accreditation.


Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

An opportunity for an additional prestigious qualification for our MBA graduates

Our MBA students who successfully graduate and receive the MBA degree from the University of Sheffield may additionally receive the prestigious Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
The Executive MBA programme of the University of Sheffield delivered by the International Faculty, CITY Collegee has been approved by the CMI, UK, as it satisfies the aims and learning outcomes of CMI’S most senior qualification. Thus, our students who successfully receive their MBA degree from the University of Sheffield have the option to additionally receive the prestigious Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership of CMI without having to undertake any extra classes or examinations. The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body that is dedicated to management and leadership.



The University of Sheffield Executive MBA programme is a leading international Executive MBA offered in the region of South East and Eastern Europe. Taught by top class faculty and experts our MBA presents participants with invaluable international exposure, unique learning experience and valuable networking opportunities. Every year high level managers from leading companies and organisations across the region are admitted to our MBA programme and share best practice with people from other cultures, countries and industries.

Classes take place at the Best Western Expo Hotel in Sofia.

MBA in:

General Management


Logistics Management

Healthcare Management
Human Resource Management

Taught one weekend per month (in Sofia, Bulgaria and Thessaloniki, Greece)
One study week in Sheffield, UK
One study week in Thessaloniki, Greece


The aims of the MBA Executive Programme are: 

  • to provide students with an understanding of organisations, their management, and the environment within which they operate; 
  • to develop in students a range of personal and professional skills designed to  enhance their future careers in business, including team working, self appraisal and reflection, and communication in various forms; 
  • to develop in students the ability to analyse and diagnose complex organisational situations from a strategic view; 
  • to help students to provide a rationale for proposed action and consider a range of intervention options in change situations in organisations; 
  • to help students to critique and evaluate the relevance of leading edge academic theory, concepts, methods, and knowledge, for particular managerial problem solving situations; 
  • to provide a grounding upon which life long learning and self development can be based; 
  • to equip students with the ability to undertake a sustained piece of research relevant to business.

Structure of the programme

The Programme consists of three cycles of lectures, lasting eighteen months, and the postgraduate dissertation.

  • The first cycle is composed of an induction weekend and seven units beginning in October and ending in June of the first year:
    • four (4) units in Sofia delivered in weekends
    • one (1) unit delivered online
    • one (1) unit in Thessaloniki
    • one (1) unit taught during the Annual Study Week at the University of Sheffield, UK (joint classes with students from all cities)
  • The second cycle is composed of six units, beginning in October and ending in April of the second year:
    • three (3) units in Sofia
    • one (1) unit in Thessaloniki
    • two (2) track specialisation units to be delivered during the Annual Study Week in Thessaloniki, Greece, in joint classes with all 2nd year students from all cities
  • The third cycle is the Dissertation which must be submitted within nine months from the completion of the taught part. 

The lectures are held in three-day sessions, which take place one weekend a month (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday). An introductory session is given one month before the unit to help executives prepare for the unit. For each unit two online structured discussions take place between the unit leader and the students. 

Each unit is mainly taught over one weekend. During the lectures the subject is presented, case studies are analysed and workshops and essays on the matters covered are assigned. Usually these essays comprise of an analysis of a real situation in the company where the student is employed.   

In between the units students are welcome to contact their professors and discuss any matter of concern. In addition, discussion boards and emails are encouraged. Students also visit industries that are linked to a particular unit.

Dissertation / Final Business Project

Under the direct supervision of a member of staff, students will undertake either an Academic Dissertation which gives emphasis on developing new theory or testing existing one or a Final Business Project at a company or industry level of analysis chosen. Utilizing cutting edge knowledge, this project will integrate the learning that has occurred through the programme and apply it directly to current issues faced by business. Students will create recommendations and solutions based on the key issues identified.


Not Just Any Degree: A Sheffield University MBA Degree

Our graduates are awarded a world class MBA degree by the University of Sheffield, which is highly regarded and valued by companies and organisations all over the world.

Global Recognition for the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is a leading research university ranked 75th in the world and 22nd in Europe [QS World University Rankings 2019].

Accredited and Recognised by Official International Bodies

The Executive MBA programme run by the University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College, is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the most prestigious international accreditation body in evaluating MBA programmes. The programme is also accredited by other prominent international organizations such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) as well as the Chartered Management Institute (UK). 

Holistic approach to business management education

Our Executive MBA programme takes a holistic approach to education providing a broad understanding of business and management concepts with a strong focus on business strategy formulation and execution. 

Taught by a team of distinguished academics and industry experts

We attract excellent and highly motivated students largely due to the high calibre of our academic staff. These comprise faculty members of the International Faculty and the University of Sheffield; Professors from well-recognized universities worldwide, and distinguished experts from the business world who all bring their expertise to the Executive MBA classroom. The academic staff comes from many different countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Greece, enhancing the programme’s international outlook and background.

“It is always a pleasure to contribute to the University of Sheffield Executive MBA delivered by the university's International Faculty: the range of backgrounds and experience of the students is stimulating, their enthusiasm is exciting. They are confident that they are on their way up, and they are sure they will go up faster with the EMBA. They don't just sit and listen: classes are more like a good game of tennis than a lecture. And who may you find on your teaching team? I might give a session on the Euro and then find myself sitting at dinner next to an official of the European Central Bank.”

 Professor Andrew Tylecote

Professor of the Economics and Management of Technological Change

University of Sheffield, UK

Specialisation in a particular area of management

With our MBA programme, executives have the opportunity to specialise in six different tracks: Marketing, General Management, Finance, Logistics Management, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management.

Networking opportunities within a truly international learning environment

The MBA student body comprises professionals and executives from approximately 20 different countries. This international mixture presents MBA participants with unique networking opportunities. Many students have found contacts made during their studies very useful in their career development.  The international student body as well as the international academic staff give the Executive MBA programme its international character.

Flexible delivery mode

Taught over a long weekend (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday), once per month, the Executive MBA programme allows participants to easily combine work and study.

An additional professional qualification for our MBA graduates

Graduates of our MBA programme have the opportunity to obtain the Level 7 Executive Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership of CMI, which is considered as necessary to proceed to Chartered Manager status.

Flexibility to attend units delivered at any of our teaching locations

MBA participants have the opportunity to attend any of their Executive MBA units at any of our other delivery locations (Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Belgrade, Kyiv, Sofia, Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku).  Following units in different locations enhances the international MBA experience since participants interact with fellow students from various countries, while at the same time better plan and balance their work-study schedule.

One Study week in Sheffield, UK and one in Thessaloniki, Greece

MBA participants  from all countries meet, mix and interact over 2 challenging Study Weeks (1 in Sheffield, UK and in Thessaloniki, Greece). This unique feature of our MBA programme presents students with opportunity to network with people from different countries, industries and cultures and to gain exposure to international business perspectives and practices.

Chosen by large companies and organizations from all industries

Large and prestigious companies from different industries from all SE European countries choose our Executive MBA for their managers’ training. Multinational, private organizations, public companies and institutions such as CEDEFOP and the World Learning Organization, all make the same choice.

A strong global MBA Alumni Network

Access to an elite network of high-calibre business leaders from all over Europe and the world is deemed as one of the most valuable aspects of our programme. Our Alumni Offce serves as a link between the International Faculty, the University of Sheffield, UK and the MBA alumni.

Career support

Through our Career Offce, we deliver insightful career advice and comprehensive job search skills and we support students’ efforts to secure post-MBA positions and set the stage for their future career advancement.


A degree from one of the top 100 Universities in the World

Graduates of the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, are awarded the University of Sheffield degree, one of the World’s top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings). Undertake a University of Sheffield Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme whilst studying in Sofia, Bulgaria.

CITY College is a Faculty of the University of Sheffield

CITY College is an integral part of the University of Sheffield. It is the only Faculty of the British University located overseas with its main campus in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Accredited and recognised by official international bodies

Our quality is verified regularly by external independent quality assurance bodies. We aim at obtaining accreditation and recognition from prominent international organization to ensure that all our programmes are offered in accordance with the highest international standards. The International Faculty is being accredited and recognised by the QAA, BAC, AMBA, CMI, BCS, UK NARIC and AACSB. 

A rich research environment

The University of Sheffield International Faculty is strongly commited to research and heartily encourages and supports the staff to promote their research and publication activities, as well as to supervise the research work of students. 

Excellent academic staff

Our full-time academic staff in its vast majority (70%) holds a PhD degree. All academic staff members have extensive teaching and professional experience.

Excellent provision for students

We offer a number of student support services, aiming at assisting students to integrate their academic and social life. The Information and Learning Commons (ILC), the the Department of Student Services and Alumni, the Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre, the English Language Support Unit and the Career Office are some of the services provided. 

Career prospects in Europe and the world

Our graduates enjoy employment opportunities across Europe and the whole world! The University of Sheffield International Faculty maintains strong links with the industry, keeping thus its courses, its academic staff and its students updated in vital scientific as well as professional developments.

Innovative teaching – Moving from theory to practice

We aim at keeping up with the industry’s latest trends and provide our students with valuable practical skills that will prepare them to embark a successful career. With our hands-on learning approach, real-life projects and innovative methodologies we balance theory and practice and provide our students opportunities to develop valuable knowledge and skills.

Vibrant student life

Life at the University of Sheffield International Faculty goes far beyond classrooms, essays and exams. Our students have the chance to participate in various events and activities during their studies.

An impressive campus in Sofia

New Bulgarian University (NBU) as partner institution, offers impressive facilities, allowing students to study in a modern learning environment and live the true British educational experience in their own country. 

Double degree

Our graduates in Sofia receive two degrees upon the completion of their studies: The University of Sheffield degree and the degree of NBU.

Studies in English: An extra competitive advantage

Our programmes in Sofia are delivered in English. Sheffield graduates study in English thus speak fluently the language of business worldwide.


On this page you may find information about the tuition fees of the programmes offered by The University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College for the academic year 2018/19.

Level of study Duration of studies Tuition fees
Undergraduate programmes (Bachelors) 4 years €5,680 (per year)
Postgraduate programmes (Masters) 2 years €3,450 (per year)
Executive MBA 2 years €12,900 (full fees)
  • Scholarships are incorporated in the above advertised tuition fees.
  • Candidates who wish to be informed about additional early bird, company and other types of fee reductions and scholarships are encouraged to contact us directly.